rino WCS

rino WCS(Wall control system) Summary

rino is a system providing efficient control service by collecting/Operation data, discerning/analyzing information and offering integrated information with various solutions like CCTV, USN and IOT.

rino WCS


  • - No distance limit for sending high definition CCTV images
  • - Provide crystal clear images without aliasing by digital image transmission
  • - Cost saving effect without cable work, based on IP Network, in case of installation/expansion of control centers
  • - Allow to place images by zooming in/out and overlapping freely without division between displays
  • - Free layout of input sources like one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many and display output
  • - Enable to link/display both analog and digital typed various CCTV input sources
  • - Enable to install the system stage by stage by adding just adding S/W license (purchase the quantity as you want)
  • - Linkage with smart video detecting system, support of GIS-interworking MAPPER, linkage with smart big board