rino SOS

rino SOS(Smart Operation System) Summary

rino SOS provides efficient control environments for operation management through integrated management about all kinds of events (accidents/incidents)in the spots. It offers a systematic work process to define responding procedures easily about event occurrence and react swiftly. Also, it is an optimized system in case of sharing and utilizing of information through information transmission between different systems.

rino SOS


  • - Provides environments for integrated control operation as a smart integrated control platform
  • - Realizes easy work process by generating flow chart without complicated coding
  • - Separates mixed situation control logic and technical code, and copes with change of work swiftly by realizing process with just a few mouse clicks.
  • - Is an advanced system based on 10 years of experience of U-CITY platform development and management KNOW-HOW
  • - rino SOS combines with other systems (rino GIS, VMS, WCS, UXP and FMS) to automatically display information (like related images, locations, facilities & status(weather analysis))on the operation board by rank in an emergency, and transmit these situations to the all the parties concerned for swift steps in time of emergency.