rino(Smart Operations Solution) Summary

rino WCS is the state-of-the-art system that directs a big Projection System displaying CCTV images/data on the big sized screen, a monitoring CCTV System and an audio system for audible alarm in case of an emergency and broadcasting. It also presents/controls multiple operation terminals, CCTV and Mobile images on the Video Wall (DLP, PDP, LFD) in real time in the way of IP Network.



  • - Open System, which is easy to transplant and interconnect into other systems, with outstanding expandability
  • - Reduction of the responding time in an emergency as a nerve center in the field of control
  • - Protection of the life and property of the people for more efficient and safer management
  • - Provision of the integrated information for the operator to make quick decisions based on more information
  • - Multiple concerned parties carry out common work in a single center
  • - Function to display a briefing on integrated situations of related events information in an emergency
  • - Function to analyze and decide information collected from IOT sensor and service in real time
  • - Function to display smart operation board in auto or manual mode