1. 홈
  • 2016년 · Korean Industrial Property Office "rino" Package Design Registration
    · Gunpo City CCTV Smart Control System Enhancement Project
    · Hwaseong City Mobile Facilities Management System Development based on Spatial Information
    · Tongyeong City Marine Disaster Prevention System Development based on Bigdata
    · KT Disaster Safety Platform Development
    · Implementation of City Level Application Center based on China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Pulsating City
    · Development Monitoring Operation Center of 2018 Pyungchang Winter Olympic
  • 2015년 · Construction of UX Platform for integrated operation of U-City, Hyangnam, Hwaseong-si
    · Constructed Integrated Building Management System for LSIS CO., LTD.
    · Selected by Gyeonggi Techno-Park as IP (Intellectual Property) Star Company
    · Released smart operations solution “RINO"
    · ESE's RINO Wins Presidential Award
  • 2014년 · Awarded a citation of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
    · Launched Smart City Business in Guangdong, China
    · Designated as IBK CREATIVE ENTERPRISE, acquired EPC performance certification and green technology
  • 2013년 · Selected as a promising small and medium company in Gyeonggi
    · Acquired NET product certificate applied new technology
    · Constructed “Smart Green Energy integrated platform” for Naju City
  • 2012년 · Designated as IBK Family Enterprise, as a leading company contributing to Job creation in Gyeonggi
    · Developed “RINO integrated video control system” applied NET new technology
  • 2011년 · Acquired NET new technology certification, developed “smart highway future traffic center” for Ministry of  Land,Infrastructure and Transport
    · Developed “U-Eco CITY integrated platform (integrated middleware)“ for Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • 2010년 · Relocation of the head office into Pangyo Techno Valley, April, 2010
    · Constructed “U-CITY integrated control platform(Ubi-Cahn2.2)” for Paju Unjeong
  • 2009년 · Managed “the achievement of national control point and established the improvement business of Issue system” for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport & the National Geographic Information Institute
    · Set up “the integrated information system of harbor construction” for the Incheon Port Authority
  • 2008년 · Changed the company name as ESE CO., LTD.
    · Constructed the 2nd service about “U-City integrated control platform” for Dongtan, Hwaseong-si
  • 2007년 · Set up “U-Rail System(GPS-Based drawings management system)” for the Korea Rail Network Authority
    · Enhancement of “U-CITY Integrated control platform” ” for Dongtan, Hwaseong-si
  • 2006년 · Acquired ISO 9001 : Quality management certification system
    · Constructed “U-Rail system” for the Korea Rail Network Authority
  • 2005년 · Developed “total system for construction disaster prevention” for Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement
    · Developed “ U-City Integrated control platform” for KT Corp.